Omniglobe Solutions : provider of next generation solutions today!

***News Flash : Omniglobe Solutions wins; eight prestigious projects and three government grants during 2013.  For more information, please contact us***

Provider of unique software based solution for multiple markets 

- Mission critical: Defense (Navy, Aerospace, Army), ATC, Public Safety & E-Health   

- Social : Web based peer to peer voice, data and video collaboration

Omniglobe Solutions is a private company that designs and engineers unique, software solution to interface, collect, process and mix radio voice (military and public safety), land-line, video and data on a single computer to enable an operator to perform functions from one single Graphical User Interface (GUI).


Defense C3 & C4I communication 

Public Safety communication 

E- Health 

 Military Air Traffic communication


Product information

1. Omni-COM : unique software based communication for strategic, deployable and tactical centers for Defense C3, C4I Public safety and Air Traffic Control

Size : 1124.123 Kb
Type : pdf


2. Omni-Collaborate : unique peer to peer collaborative solution for Government and Mission Critical agencies

OmniCollaborate_OGS.pdf OmniCollaborate_OGS.pdf
Size : 1539.008 Kb
Type : pdf

3. Omni-Collaborate : unique peer to peer collaborative solution for Public Safety 

Omni Public Safety.pdf Omni Public Safety.pdf
Size : 983.644 Kb
Type : pdf


4. Omni-Health : unique biometric, video and voice collaborative solution for Remote medical and for upcoming Public safety health needs

Omni_Health_OGS.pdf Omni_Health_OGS.pdf
Size : 849.861 Kb
Type : pdf


* Highly scalable and reliable

* Rich feature sets

* Open and modular

* Drastic cost saving by 5 times (capital & logistics) 


Omniglobe solutions selected by:

* Ontario OCRI as rising star (2011)
* Bill and Melinda foundation
* CDET as high flyer (2010)

Due to the nature of our business, we "are not able to include" all information on the Web