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 Management Team


SIVA KUMAR President - Has held position of Vice-President with Solacom (Defense & Security) and Alcatel Defense. Previously with General Dynamics Canada, and has extensive experience (20+ years) in defense and security markets.

MIKE MULHAUPT - VP R&D - Mike with 15 years experience in leading C3 projects in General Dynamics Canada, Alcatel and Solacom leads the product development for Omniglobe Solutions

LARRY JOHNSON  Board Advisor - After completing his military career, he served as Vice-President Calgary Operations with General Dynamics Canada prior to retiring as General Dynamics Corporate VP & President/Managing Director, General Dynamics United Kingdom. 

MICHAEL CULLEN  Board Advisor - Enjoyed a 30 year career with General Dynamics Canada, the last 15 of which were served as Vice-President & CFO.

BRYAN RIGHETTI  Board Advisor - Is a retired Col with the Canadian Armed Forces. Hands on and knowledgeable in the defense C3 market niche. Has managed large ($100M+) military procurement programs.

JAY KORMAN Board Advisor - Jay Korman, partner in Avascent with in-depth experience in strategic planning and merger and acquisition joins Omniglobe to position us for next step.

Product Overview

Omni-COM is a software based solution that resides in a computer (in a static or mobile operational centers). The computer interfaces to external world. The collected information (voice, data, video) is processed and mixed (via software) and presented on a single Graphical User Interface (GUI) for an operator to manage the information.

For Defense (C3, C4I & ATC),
  and Public Safety communication, the software system interfaces to military radios, public safety radios, land-lines and sensors (for videos) and allows an operator (based on logon-profile setting) to perform actions.

For Defense and Public Safety E-Health, the software system interfaces to radios, biometrics and sensors (for videos) and provides real time collaboration between the place the data is collected and a command post or/and a hospital where a doctor resides

Omni-COM system is suitable for static, tactical and mobile operations.
# Eliminates stove piped systems
# Interfaces and integrates radio, land-line, video and data
# Minimizes form factor and presents information on a single Graphical User Screen
# Very high scalability and redundancy (being not hardware based)
# No power consumption, heat generation, electromagnetic interferences, that are associated with hardware based design
# Integrated video with real time annotation
# Drastic reduction in cost (Capital and Logistics)